5 Simple Steps To Help You Re-invent Your Business

An important aspect of owning a business is being able to recognise when it’s time for change. The way in which customers shop for their needs have changed rapidly in the past few years, so the way in which you work, advertise and sell as a business needs to match your target audiences shopping trends.

Being the advocate for change within your business isn’t always the easiest task to take upon yourself, however, if you follow these guidelines then change isn’t far from your grasps.

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 In order to make a positive change that will have the correct impact on your business, you need to know your target audience. Carry out research that tells you:

  • How your customers shop
  • When they shop
  • What they shop for

Create persona profiles for the different types of customers that you either supply to or you want to supply to, and devise ways to market and advertise to them individually.

Everyone within your business are a consumer, whether that be of your business or another, so ask for their ideas and opinions. Find out what ‘made’ them buy a product or a service and what attracts them to the businesses which they support. Employees have the added bonus of knowing your products and services in side and out, this makes it easier for them to think of inventive and unique ways that you can connect with your consumers through your products.

Most businesses have direct and in-direct competitors that either offer the same or similar products or services to the same consumers. Figure out what other businesses within your industry do to connect, advertise and market to their customers. It’s okay to take inspiration from your competitors as long as you create unique content from it.

Having a cohesive work force is an important part to enable your company to change. Once you have decided on what needs to change and you put the appropriate procedures in place to ensure that, you need to make sure that everyone in your team is aware of these and they are actively following them.

People are spending a considerable amount of time online, whether that’s using social media or online shopping, so getting your business a digital presence is important if you want to see to a wider range of consumers.

Businesses don’t always realise that a digital presence isn’t just having a website, it’s so much more than that. There are so many ways that you can connect to customers online. You can utilise social media sites by creating a business page and creating content about your industry and about your products and services

Change doesn’t have to be drastic or sudden, it can be something small at first. Something that will push your business towards your goals. You can stay within your comfort zones whilst re-inventing your business, and as time passes you can become braver and bolder. Otherwise you won’t see the benefits of what you want to achieve, and it won’t seem worth it.

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