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Please find answers to some of our frequently asked questions for  some of our services.  If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of the team will be more than happy to help you out.

We have a wide-range of clients from all sectors of business – entrepreneurs, business consultants, solicitors, executives, financial advisors and many more.

It depends on how effective “doing it yourself” is, if you are spending time typing all your own material, how much money are you losing because you could be doing chargeable work? Using our services will free-up valuable time, which can then be spent on important things like:

  • Balancing home and work responsibilities
  • Concentrating on what you do best
  • Growing your business

There are many reasons, here are some of the main ones:

  • What happens when your secretary is ill or goes on holiday? Does the work just pile up until he / she gets back or do you take on a temp?
  • No secretary could mean that your clients are left to simply wonder why they haven’t heard from you
  • If you call in a temp, how much does it cost? How long does it take you to train them up?
  • Does your business have peaks and troughs? Perhaps you could really use some extra help when the peaks get too much for your in-house secretary to complete alone
  • Do you ever have sensitive or confidential work that you feel uneasy about disclosing to anyone in the office? Send it to us and confidentiality is guaranteed
  • If your business is growing successfully, you may be considering recruiting new staff. You can use us until there is enough work to merit this commitment.

No. when you hire an employee, on top of salary, there are many other things that your need to administer (payroll, pension, benefits etc.) many things to buy or lease (equipment, furniture etc.) and you will need workspace for them as well. It all becomes very expensive and time-consuming. By using Obsidian Offices – you use us only when needed, pay only for the work that is done and we’re there whenever you need us.

Most of our work is charged on an hourly basis.

Your work is saved on computer hard drive and backed-up every night off-site. Our anti-virus software is automatically updated whenever downloads are available and all of our outgoing email and attachments are scanned prior to sending.

We have regularly updated anti-virus software and our system is protected by a firewall. Of course no system is completely infallible, but we do our utmost to ensure that all data is protected.

Here at Obsidian we use Office 365 which uses the latest version of Microsoft Office, which includes Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. We also run web-text software which allows us to text any messages we have taken straight to your mobile.

Yes, please see the Business Address Service for further details.

Completely. We will not at any time directly or indirectly divulge, disclose or communicate any information that you give to us. We will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential.

Our professional receptionists will greet your callers and answer in your company name in any style that you wish.

We can be your receptionist / customer service centre / head office, whichever you prefer. Your callers will not be aware that when we transfer them it is an external rather than internal transfer.

Yes, you can choose for us to answer all of your calls, when your line is engaged; when you are in a meeting or simply when you do not want to take any calls.

Please call the office to arrange an appointment to come down and sign up.  We provide you with a unique telephone number. You can then either publish this number or simply divert an existing number to this line. Standard BT services allow you to divert and un-divert your phone simply using the handset.

24-48 hours normally

Yes, in that we answer in your company name, as a member of your team and (if provided with) we will have a basic knowledge of your company. You can also give us your diary each week for a specific response from your receptionist. However, with the added benefit that you do not have to pay a full-time salary or worry about holiday cover and sickness.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, if your callers aren’t happy then we are not happy.  We learn as much about your company as possible so that we deepen the illusion that we are part of your company and your personal receptionist.

As a Sales Order line – dealing with media response and brochure requests. Using one of our lines for a specific marketing initiative will allow you to collate your information seamlessly and get on with your day-to-day business whilst we handle specific article / brochure enquiries.

As a Customer Service division – let us take care of your customer service enquiries, giving your customers re-assurance that they will always be able to speak to someone.

For order taking or fault reporting – we can take the message and send the engineer out to site following instructions you provide us.

We can be an overflow system, rather than your caller ringing and ringing waiting for someone to pick up.  You can set your office line to divert to us after a certain number of rings. That way if everyone is stuck on the phone, the person waiting to get through won’t be.

Our meeting room bookings are for a minimum of 15 minutes and are charged every 15 minutes thereafter. For example, if you had a meeting that lasted 30 minutes you would only be charged for 30 minutes use.

Our meeting rooms are available to hire: 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday

The Huntingdon Suite and The Russell Suite both include overhead projectors which are available to use

If you would like to amend you meeting room booking, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice before your meeting. To amend a booking call 01244 394 200.

Yes.  Obsidian provide 2 different types of lunch that can be confirmed when booking your meeting room:

Menu A – £9.95 per person
Mixed Sandwich Platter
Selection of 4 finger foods
Quiche Lorraine
Anti-pasta- Cold meats, cheese and olives
Crudités and Dips
Fruit platter
Various cakes

Menu B – £7.95 per person
Mixed Sandwich Platter
Selection of 2 finger foods
Fruit platter
Various cakes

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To become the most service focused Business Centre in the North West we use our skill sets to provide tailored, client focused solutions in a timely manner by investing in our team and clients.  Using continuous feedback we ensure a dependable, customer orientated working environment.  As a team we strive to exceed client expectation through our first class customer service and flexible business solutions.

Vision Statement

At Obsidian Offices, our vision is to be a serviced focused Business Centre with flexible solutions. This enables businesses to reach their full potential by utilising our dependable, client orientated and professional environment.

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