How do you Feel About
Going Back to Work?

As of the 1st July, I will return to work. As much as I cannot wait to be back, I have mixed feelings, just the same as everybody, I guess.

After what has been a crazy experience, I think there is a lot of mixed feelings about returning to work. There are many questions that enter your mind about taking that step back into your normal routine.

Is it to early?
Will it be the same? 
Will I be safe? 
Will I put my household at risk?

Steps to Take to Make you Compliant With Government Legislation When Returning to Work:

    • Staying home when sick
    • Covering mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of used tissues immediately.
    • Washing hands often with soap and water; and cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects.
    • Having cleaning products available for all people entering the building, such as: hand sanitiser (alcohol based) and antibacterial wipes.
    • Wearing masks in communal areas to avoid spreading of bacteria
    • Adhering to social distancing
    • Be aware of putting yourself at risk
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If you have been asked to go back to work, you must ensure that all precautions have been put in place.  

You must ensure that you are going to be safe when entering your workplace.  

You must also ensure that you are up to date with all relevant information regarding the latest news on COVID-19.  

This will ensure your workplace is compliant with any new developments.

Going back to work can be an exciting but scary step to take.

This experience has given everybody a little bit of fear for when they step out of their front door.  For me personally, I have another concern that rules are slightly different in Wales.  As I live just across the border, my household are currently still working from home, therefore I am worried that I could be responsible for bringing the virus into my household.  However, our office has taken every step to ensure that they comply with government guidelines, which has given all members of staff and clients peace of mind that all necessary precautions have been met.  Although I would imagine, no matter what steps are put in place, some people will still be very concerned.

On the other hand, I cannot wait to get back to normality.  Working from home has been a whole new experience (you can read about my experiences of working from home in my previous blog post), however, I definitely prefer the office environment.  At Obsidian, we see many friendly faces throughout the day and I have really missed that interaction. Speaking to clients, customers and colleagues all day long can really benefit your working skills but also your personal social skills.  I am looking forward to returning to my daily routine and having that bit of normality back.  I am also excited to work along side my colleagues again as we all work very well as a team and enjoy our daily work together.

I believe that going back to work will have a very positive outcome for personal development as it has been so long since we have had our normal working routine.

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