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Nowadays it is considered the ‘norm’ for businesses to have their own website, as most consumers are searching the web and doing research before making a purchase or signing up to a service. Having your own website gives you a platform which you can display your business to your customers and consumers in the way that suits your business the best. 

Websites allow you to showcase your products and services and, in a world, where more and more people have a mobile device it’s important to optimize your website in a way that best highlights the key features about your products and services. Making your company stand out against competitors is vital and when you’re selling a product or service in a highly competitive market a website can help you to stand out amongst your competitors. 

Many businesses outsource the design & creation of their website to companies that specialise in this, however this isn’t always an option for small or independent businesses. As we are a small business we design and maintain our website ourselves using WordPress. 

WordPress in an application that you can use to create a website using themes, widgets, plug-ins and many more helpful tools. 

Here are a few reasons why we choose to use WordPress:

  • WordPress is Free. 
  • You don’t have to know a lot of coding to create a website using WordPress. 
  • There are hundreds of widgets and plugins at your dispense. 
  • They have customisable themes that help you to start creating your website.  
  • You have access to your site yourself.  
  • WordPress is easy to use. 
  • There are tons of online tutorials using WordPress.  
  • Loads of companies use WordPress.  
  • You can make changes to your site instantly. 

There are many reasons why WordPress is a great application to use, however as many applications, you do need to get used to using them and WordPress is no exception. It may take some time to get used to using WordPress and I would recommend watching some online tutorials before making a start, but once you know what you’re doing it is an amazing asset to any business.  

My Experience Using WordPress

I have had a love hate relationship with WordPress which was mostly down to how our website has been set up previously and not because of WordPress itself. 

As a part of my apprenticeship I was given the chance to recreate the Obsidian website and this is when I started to find my love for the application. 

I am currently in the process of creating our new site and I find it easier and easier every day. The trick to using WordPress is making the time to learn about the application and to try out different things with it. 

The most time-consuming part of creating a website using WordPress I think is trying out widgets and plugins. There are hundreds of options to choose from when you search for a specific plugin or widget but finding the one that works exactly how you want it to can take some time, especially if you have envisioned your website a certain way. Websites take a lot of time to create, so unless you have the time to spare, using WordPress might not be the best option for you.  

My advice would be, if you want to create a website using WordPress to loosely decide on the layout of your pages because some aspects mightn’t be as easily achievable as others. 

Overall, I think that WordPress is a great application to build a website on and I recommend it to anyone who wants to create a website. 

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