National Apprentice Week 2018

National Apprentice Week 2018 is a chance for apprentices and employers to come together and share their stories and to celebrate all the successes from apprentices. It’s a chance to encourage people to apply for apprenticeships by showing them what it is like to be an apprentice.  

Apprenticeships have been around for many years, but they haven’t always been as appreciated as they are now. In the past apprenticeships were heavily labor orientated, with apprenticeships in Motor Vehicle, Construction and Joinery, among the many. Now we have apprenticeships in thousands of different fields, like Digital Marketing for instance. 

Recently the game has changed as far as apprenticeships go, to maximize the opportunity to learn for the apprentice. Previously apprentices have been mis-treated and viewed as ‘cheap work’, not as someone who’s learning about a trade that they potentially want a career in. Throughout the years there have been various common mis-conceptions about apprentices and their role within a business; ‘there just here to fetch the drinks’ ‘they can have all the jobs that we don’t want to do’ ‘you can’t get a high-class job without a degree’ and so many more. 

Most people don’t understand what an apprenticeship is and what an apprentices role is within a business. An apprentice can be anyone, with any background, all you need is the motivation and the drive to learn. Apprenticeships are a scheme that allows people to learn about a specific trade or industry whilst working, this provides the apprentice with a profound amount of knowledge, not just from their course but also from the insight given by their employer. This also shows the apprentice what it is like to have worked within an industry, so they are more prepared for the real world. 

Why I Chose An Apprenticeship

I am the Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Obsidian Offices, which means that I get the opportunity to learn about my chosen industry as well as various others.  

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after college, apprenticeships didn’t really spring to mind, because like many people I thought that apprenticeships were only for people who wanted to do Motor Vehicle or Construction.  

I knew that I wanted to do something creative and within the Media genre, so I did some research and found Digital Marketing. At first, I had to figure out exactly what Digital Marketing meant and what it entailed. Whilst searching, I quickly realised that there is a vast amount of apprenticeships out there in various industries.  

I love the idea of being able to learn and work at the same time and to be treated like an adult instead of a student. Apprenticeships give you experience in an industry and in life, they prepare you for working life and they give you a taster of what your career could be like.  

Being An Apprentice At Obsidian Offices

The knowledge and the experience that I gain from being an apprentice at Obsidian Offices will mold my future in Digital Marketing. It will change how I approach new situations and it will ultimately prepare me for the working world. Due to the many industries that I encounter in Obsidian, I don’t just take away knowledge about Digital Marketing, but so many other Industries that I wouldn’t have engaged with otherwise. 

Arch Apprentices

I do my apprenticeship with Arch Apprentices. Arch supply apprentices across the UK, with locations in London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. They proved data analysist apprenticeships, HR, Finance, IT and Digital Marketing.  

With Arch Apprentices you get your own Learning Development Coach that is there for support, you are exposed to various online learning resources, like DotNative for instance.   

For More Information About Arch Apprentices

Please Check Out Their Website 

For More Information About National Apprentice Week 2018

Please Visit Gov.UK  
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