Returning to the Office - An Interview with One of Our Clients

With lots of people returning back to their offices over the last few weeks we wondered how they made the decision and knew it was the ‘right time’.  Many people are still unsure about whether to continue homeworking or to go back into the office, it is a really tough choice and one that is individual to each business. 

The CIPD have some really useful information on their website with links to government guidelines and some legal advice as well.  You can find out more by clicking here.

This week, I asked one of our clients some questions about returning to work in a short interview, here is our discussion…

How long did you work from home for and how did you know it was the right time to return to the office?

From home, I started working from the 23rd March until around the 30th May. It was very hard for me to work from home and almost became impossible so coming back to the office was vital.

What were your main concerns about returning to the office?

As you know, I normally meet my clients face to face on a regular basis and at the beginning I was a bit reluctant to see my clients as I was not sure how to approach them and there was a bit of hesitation.

Have you had to make any changes to the way you work in the office?

Not with me personally but with clients, yes. It was quite difficult adopting those new rules with clients, having to tell them to wear a mask and keep distanced. In usual times, telling somebody to stay away was rude but I think now everybody is starting to understand. If I tell my clients to keep distanced during our meetings, they don’t mind and will apologise and move further back.

What other procedures have you put in place for when your clients come into your office for a meeting?

Well, I have actually been learning from Obsidians rules, thank you for that. Obviously, my clients and I have to follow the Obsidian rules outside of my office so we have adapted the same rules as much as we can. The 2-metre rule is good for my safety, my client’s safety, and everybody else’s safety so that is one rule I probably won’t change.

We use antibacterial spray every day, thanks to my colleague, he comes in everyday before me and he wipes the desks, handles etc, straight away. We also do it straight after a client has left us and then before we leave for the day, we do it one last time. We are also constantly using hand sanitiser.

What impact has COVID-19 had on business?

The start was terrible. I was affected from the beginning, from the end of march as the nature of my business was affected. March through to June was affected but now I can see it going back to normal slowly and we are getting there. Its just the case of building the business again.

Any other comments?

You guys at Obsidian are great. Your emails very informative and helpful and its really nice to keep us updated. I can see that the compliance is good in this building, everything is always clean, which is good because you feel safe. We are very grateful; you guys are doing a spotless job.

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