The Rise Of The Virtual Office

Virtual Offices have become increasingly popular among businesses. Its easy to understand why, as the amount of new businesses and entrepreneurs is forever growing. They’re eager to grow their businesses at a fast pace but at a fraction of the cost of an Office. It’s easier than it’s ever been to set up a Virtual Office for your business and to create an image that you can present to your customers.

The Appeal of a Virtual Office

Presenting Your Business

Building a business’s image is important as it shows customers that you are a reliable and professional business with their best interests at heart. Having a business address, opposed to your personal address, not only helps you achieve and maintain a better image for your business but it also helps to protect your personal address, so that none of your customers or even competitors know where you live. Having a business telephone line instead of a home number or a mobile number has the same effect on your business, as well as having the added benefit of knowing if you can’t answer at least your customers won’t be left to voicemail.

Work Flexibility

Flexible working has never been so easy than with a Virtual Office, whether it be allowing staff to work from home at a time convenient to them or whether you have multiple business locations. With Virtual office, calls are taken on your behalf and in the way that you’d like so you have no need to worry about being tethered to a phone or a desk. Having a Virtual Office can centralise your business so that if your employees are all over the country, they have a base that they can always come back to.

Cost Effective 

Having a physical office is a costly task, especially if you’re a new or a small business, that’s why most new or small businesses work from home. If your business isn’t ready or doesn’t need a physical office to work from, having a business address can be just as effective but at a fraction of the cost. If you have a customer that wants to meet you at your “office” then you can utilise the meeting rooms to continue the impression that you have an office in the building.

As your business grows then you can decide if a serviced office is the right direction to go in but don’t feel pressured into having an office from the get go. Every business is different, and every budget is different. Do what works for you and your business.

Virtual Office at Obsidian Offices Here at Obsidian Offices we offer a range of Virtual Office Services such as: 

Why Obsidian?

We have been in the industry for 30 years and have worked with all different companies giving us the experience and skills to accommodate any industry. We do our best to stick to our targets such as answering a phone call on two rings and informing customers of the arrival of their post as soon as we can. We pride ourselves in being customer service centric as we believe that it is the key to making good relationships with our clients. Most of all we are a close-knit team that works efficiently and in the best interest of our clients, keeping a friendly and relaxed atmosphere always. We often hold office and charity events because we like to give back to the community and to our clients, as well as the bonus of getting to socialise with clients and their teams.

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At Obsidian Offices, our vision is to be a serviced focused Business Centre with flexible solutions. This enables businesses to reach their full potential by utilising our dependable, client orientated and professional environment.

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