Tips and Tricks for Scheduling Posts on Social Media

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When operating within a business, time is of the essence and each task that you complete should be completed as time efficiently as possible. Being able to manage your time effectively can make or break a company, therefore people often get frustrated when they need to post on social media as it can often take time away from another task. 

Many people post on social media as and when they need to, this not only cuts into time that you have reserved for another task, but this also creates an unbalanced and messy social media page. 

This is where post scheduling comes in, not every post that you want to share with your followers can be scheduled, but a lot of them can and these are the ones that you want to focus on. 

The types of posts that are easy to schedule are generic and pre-determined, like posts about your company’s services, upcoming events, blogs that have been written and much more. 


Here are a few Tips and Tricks that will help you schedule posts on Social Media

  • Take the time to create memorable and engaging content. This can be info-graphics, videos, blogs etc. 
  • Decide which social media platforms you want to schedule content for. E.g. FacebookTwitterLinkedIn. 
  • Research the best times for you to schedule your posts as this will help your posts reach and engagement rate. 
  • If it is within your marketing budget I would suggest investing in a post scheduling application like HubSpot as they have added benefits. It would be worth looking into their benefits before committing to an application. 
  • If your marketing budget does not cover this then there are free alternatives, this would just mean that you will need to schedule post more frequently as many free post scheduling applications limit the amount of posts that you can schedule. 
  • If you are using an application that limits the amount of posts that you can schedule, then I would suggest using this application for social media platforms that do not offer scheduling themselves.  
  • Facebook allows you to schedule posts in the same way that you create a post. You can also create and schedule different types of posts with Facebook, like polls and notes. 
  • Twitter has its own post scheduling application called TweetDeck. This is great for scheduling most posts on twitter, however it does not have everything that twitter does. 
  • Once you have scheduled your posts across all your social media platforms I would advise you to keep track of them.  
  • If the application that you are using has an option to send notifications, then this will make it easy to keep track of your posts as you will be notified when your post has been published. 
  • If the application does not send notifications when your post has been published, then I would recommend that the next time you are on social media that day to just have a quick look just to make sure that everything went smoothly. 

Finding post scheduling applications that work well with your needs and the needs of your businesses can be a difficult task, especially if it is not an area that you particularly want to invest money into. Personally, it took a bit or trial and error to find out what worked best for the posts that I wanted to publish. 

Currently I use Postfity to schedule my posts on social media as well as TweetDeck and Facebook. I find this is the easiest way for me because when using Postfity I can easily navigate between social media profiles as well as to create and replicate posts. 


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