Top 10 Foods To Avoid In Work

When working in an office environment, bringing the same or even similar lunches everyday can get a bit boring. So, like many of us you may feel inclined to get more adventurous with your food choices, but before you do, have a browse of the Smell-O-Meter and make sure you are keeping this list in mind.

Many people don’t know what is a suitable office lunch, but there are loads of food options that are perfect for the office. So, for your convenience we have complied a list of foods that are possibly not the most suitable, to help to enjoy an adventurous lunch without offending any noses.


This delightful cinema snack isn’t the worst smelling food, however it’s sweet aroma might not go down too well with some colleges- bare that in mind.


Garlic dishes aren’t always smelly at first, however they do have a knack for lingering. You may want to keep the mints handy.

Raw Onion

On top of their acidic smell, onions can make people cry, so if the smell doesn’t do the job at least the fumes will.

Reheated Takeout

We all get tempted from time to time to indulge in last night’s takeout, but trust me it smells worse second time around.

Smelly Cheeses

More common cheeses, like cheddar and Lincoln, don’t smell to bad – its cheeses like blue cheese that most people have a problem with.

Curry or Spices

Although the oriental aromas can leave a delightful smell, they can often leave a spicy taste on colleague’s food who use the microwave after you.

Fermented Food

Fermentation is the fancy way of saying ‘controlled rotting’, so as you can imagine, that smell isn’t pretty.

Boiled Eggs

Eggy smells aren’t always an office favourite, especially when they linger – maybe leave the eggs until after work.

Fast Food

Place’s like McDonald’s, KFC and many more are often a fast solution for a lunch time treat, however that greasy smell will stick around a lot longer than the food.

Microwaved Fish

Microwaved Fish is never a good option – the fishy smell hangs around in the microwave long after you’ve ate you lunch. This smell puts off clients and colleagues when they’re within smelling distance.

These are just a few examples of foods which we thought could possibly offend colleagues and result in some glares coming your way. However, not every work environment is the same. Whether you like the food that we mentioned or not, the concept of this blog is more about respecting the people around you and taking into consideration that some foods might not leave the most pleasant smell. If you like to eat these foods then don’t let us stop you, just don’t be expecting colleague of the year – you’ve been warned.

If you are having some trouble trying to decide if your favourite lunch will end up not making you the most popular among your colleagues; have a look where you think it would lie on our Smell-O-Meter!

food to avoid at work
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