We Need To Talk...Period!

This week’s blog is very different to our usual content, but it is something that we have discussed as women and all agreed is very important and doesn’t get talked about enough.

It is a topic that most people don’t like to talk about and one that is usually followed by a grimace or a sideways glance. It is something that happens to nearly every woman and can affect us in lots of different ways.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about periods!

# FreePeriods

We want to help abolish the taboo around periods and raise awareness about the struggles that women deal with every month. We got our inspiration from the episode about periods on The Guilty Feminist podcast called Period Poverty. During the episode they spoke about the #FreePeriods Campaign which was created by student Amika George to help raise awareness about period poverty in the UK and, more specifically, to campaign to provide sanitary products to school girls who are on free school meals.

About The #FreePeriods Campaign The mission is to make sure that no girl in the UK is living in period poverty because menstrual care should be a human right. Women don’t choose whether they have a period, it’s a natural bodily function that is forced upon women. Mensuration products should not be classed as a luxury but as a necessity and no girl should have to go without. However, the reality is that in the UK, thousands of girls are missing school because they cannot afford menstrual care. The #FreePeriods Campaign is to urge the UK Government to make a statutory pledge to end period poverty by providing free menstrual products to all girls in the UK on Free School Meals. 

Facts About Periods

Why This Is Important To Obsidian Our team at Obsidian Offices is a female dominated team, but this topic doesn’t just affect us. It affects all working women that we encounter on a daily basis.

The topic of periods is often seen as a taboo, but we would like to open the conversation and include men in the discussion. It is through campaigns like #FreePeriods that our eyes are opened to the every day struggles that some women face, in particular women living in poverty, homelessness and refugees. A lot of women, us included, take for granted the access we have and the ability we have to afford these items but even we can get caught short.

Therefore, we have decided to have sanitary items available for any women to use. We want to give every woman that walks through the door the opportunity to feel confident and unashamed, to reduce embarrassment of having to ask. It would be our wish that all offices provided such a service to the women that work there, but our hope is that this encourages other businesses to follow our lead.

We will be doing some fundraising this year and hope to get as many people involved as we can!

If you would like information on how you can help the movement and create real change for girls and women across the country, please go to their website:

Free Periods

Campaign to make sure that no girl in the UK is living in period poverty.

​Other organisations that you may be interested to learn more about:

The Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Edlin, who decided something needed to be done to create a sustainable flow (pun intended) of menstrual products for those who can't afford to buy them. What started as a whip-round on Facebook is now a growing enterprise with a vision to end period poverty.

The Guilty Feminist

A really funny and informative podcast that makes you genuinely think about what it is like to be a woman and has honest and frank discussions about issues that maybe you didn’t think were issues until you realise other people go through the same thing as you! Please check out episode 77: Period Poverty Every episode covers a different topic and they support and raise awareness for some truly amazing charities.
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