What It’s Like Studying As An Apprentice

A big part of an apprenticeship is learning new skills and applying them in a working environment. During my apprenticeship I must undertake numerous training exercises and online courses to learn the relevant skills to become a Digital Marketer. 

Here are a few of the courses I have done:  

Google Garage 

Google Garage was the first step towards learning about Digital Marketing. This course covered a lot of the basics about digital marketing and it helps me to understand in better detail what the rest of the apprenticeship would be like. 

Dot Native 

This course went in to a lot more detail, with videos and interactive sections of the course, as well as sections where you could review other people opinions and answers on the question or topic at hand. It was split up into sections well and it helped me to improve the work that I was already doing at Obsidian. 

Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy was a straight forward and fun way of learning how to track websites analytics. It’s interesting to see the depth in which analytics can go and how much information you can gather about a website. I think that this will help me to derive more insights from the information that I get from analytics and it will ultimately help me to improve Obsidian Offices Website. 

My Experience

These are just a handful of the courses and learning activities that I have done so far with my apprenticeship and I can already say, only a fraction into my 15-month apprenticeship, that I have learnt so much. My knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing have improved immensely compared to what I knew when I started. 

At the beginning of my apprenticeship, studying is weird because it’s different to anything I’ve ever done before, it has a different set up and it is about a topic that isn’t taught in school. After I learned the basics of what Digital Marketing is, my work became so much clearer because I had a greater understanding of what was required of me. 

With each week comes new learning possibilities and with each piece of information learnt I can feel my work improving and it’s a good feeling to know in real time that the time and effort that you’re putting in drives results. 

A lot of being an apprentice is learning and developing skills that will hopefully mould the career that you’re going to have in the future, but apart from that, it’s being able to do those things in a working environment and surrounded by people in the same industry as you. The skills that you get from being an apprentice aren’t just the ones that you learn from the courses that you take, they’re the life skills, industry tips and outlooks on working life, those to me are just as important. 

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