Why SEM Businesses Need a Virtual Office

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As we are a small business ourselves, we can understand the pressures that come along with it, that’s why we make it our business to help your business. We know that the benefits of working within a small company can outweigh the struggles and we can see this daily through helping small businesses thrive through a Virtual Office. 

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office can be many things to many different businesses, it is a service that helps businesses to thrive and to increase productivity. There are different aspects to a Virtual Office:

Business Address:

This service appeals to a variety of business, small businesses that are based at a residential address, independent businesses that travel and are not at any fixed address, businesses that want to expand their services to another area without setting up another office and many more. Business Address allows you to legally use an address, like ours for instance, as your companies address, this can be used on all marketing materials for your business, on your website and anywhere else that you’ll need. You can also use this as your registered address on Companies House. This can be beneficial to businesses as it presents a professional front for your business so that if clients or suppliers have a fixed address for your business without compromising your home address. 

Mail Handling and Mail Forwarding: 

These services come hand in hand with Business Address and allow you to have your post and parcels delivered to your registered address and they can either be handled for you or forwarded to you, depending on company preference. Mail Handling is having someone available to accept and sign for any post that your business receives and holds it for collection, this also included informing you when your post has been received. Mail Forwarding is essentially the same, but you will get your mail forwarded to you.  

Telephone Answering: 

Also known as a Virtual Receptionist, telephone answering service is exactly that. Having a receptionist answer your company calls, using your company name and then dealing with that call in the way your company requires. You have a full-time receptionist without the cost and hassle. It works as an extension of your business, therefore creating the illusion of a bigger company that helps you to stand out against your competitors for a fraction of the cost. 

Administration Outsourcing:

When you are going about your day to day tasks within a business you’ll often find yourself leaving admin tasks at the bottom of your list, this is because they take time and effort away from the important work your business does. Outsourcing your admin can help a business increase productivity as no one will dread getting to the bottom of the list.  

Why does my business need a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office isn’t just the features that comes with it, it’s the way it can help to present a business and help that business achieve its goals by freeing up time for a business. It helps business achieve their potential as their time is spent on the important work that makes that business unique. With a Virtual Office there will be no sick days and no holidays, there will always be someone there to answer your calls, receive your post or do your admin work. A Virtual Office will completely change the way you work making you more efficient, increasing your ability to go out and create new leads and creating a stable place for your clients to contact you. There will always be someone at the end of the phone or behind the reception desk should they want to come in and see you. 

Virtual Office at Obsidian Offices 

At Obsidian Offices we are passionate about what we do best; helping other businesses to grow and succeed. We want to help other businesses thrive within their industries by giving them the support that they need to be able to run their business as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to create a seamless customer experience for our clients, so that they can do their much needed work without worrying about anything else. By utilising our Business Plus Service, you can give an all-round illusion that you have a physical base at our offices. You can advertise the address and unique telephone number, so we answer your calls and receive your post and parcels, and if you want to fully embrace the illusion you can meet your clients in one of our three meeting rooms. 

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