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Welcome to the Obsidian Offices Blog: 60 Years of Innovation and Community

Obsidian Offices isn’t just a provider of workspace solutions, it’s a legacy built on over six decades of empowering businesses to flourish. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’re thrilled to launch this blog – a platform to share our journey, future visions, and most importantly, connect with you, our valued community.

Here, you’ll discover a wealth of insights into the ever-evolving world of workspaces. Whether you’re seeking a historical perspective on how serviced offices came to be, or navigating the modern landscape of general office spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual solutions – we’ve got you covered.

But Obsidian Offices is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s about fostering a vibrant community. In our blog, you’ll hear inspiring stories from our clients – the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and established businesses who call Obsidian their professional home. Their successes, challenges, and triumphs paint a vivid picture of the power of a supportive work environment.

As we embark on this next chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Explore our blog, delve into the stories, and discover how Obsidian Offices can be your springboard to achieving your professional goals. Let’s celebrate 60 years of excellence, and create a future of limitless possibilities together.


Solar Panels

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Green World UK, a trusted client of ours for 6 years, to install solar panels on our building! Their expertise and commitment…
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The Beginning…

Back in the sixties, starting a limited company wasn’t the quick click-and-done affair it is today. It was an arduous, paper-laden process, often requiring the expertise (and hefty fees) of…