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The Beginning…

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The view from the original offices in Bolton, You can see the gas street lights that were lit every evening and old cars from the 60's

This blog post dives into the fascinating history of pre-registered companies and how a random name, Jazapax Ltd., became a symbol of an unexpected entrepreneurial journey.

Back in the sixties, starting a limited company wasn’t the quick click-and-done affair it is today. It was an arduous, paper-laden process, often requiring the expertise (and hefty fees) of solicitors. Enterprising legal eagles, sensing an opportunity, began “pre-registering” companies – essentially creating shell corporations with random names, complete with incorporation paperwork and official books. They’d then sell these off-the-shelf companies to eager entrepreneurs, saving them precious time and headaches. 

That’s exactly what Ricard Morell and his immediate boss, Russell Graham, stumbled upon in 1964. They weren’t looking to start a new venture, but rather, to secure the leasehold of the land their employers company operated on in Bolton. Faced with the bureaucratic beast of company formation, they saw a golden opportunity in a pre-registered company named Jazapax Ltd. (The origin of the name itself remains a delightful mystery, perhaps a remnant of a long-forgotten brainstorming session fuelled by Brylcream and strong coffee) 

On February 14th, 1964, Jazapax Ltd. officially came to life, and began trading as a landlord.  They always intended to choose something more memorable, something that wouldn’t leave people scratching their heads and wondering if they’d stumbled upon a typographical error.  But as with many well-intentioned plans, the name change never materialized. Jazapax Ltd., born on Valentine’s Day, became a testament to the unexpected twists and turns that define entrepreneurial journeys, forever carrying the legacy of a chance encounter and a name as unique as its origins. 

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