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Solar Panels

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Solar panels that have been installed onto the roof of Obsidian Offices, this will improve our environmental footprint and ensure our future sustainability

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Green World UK, a trusted client of ours for 6 years, to install solar panels on our building! Their expertise and commitment to excellent service gave us peace of mind throughout the process. 

Green World UK is a family-run business based in the UK, specializing in providing eco-friendly solutions for homes and businesses. They offer a comprehensive service, from design and supply to installation and after-sales care, for solar PV panels, electric car charging points, and battery storage systems.  

Thanks to their expertise, we were able to seamlessly transition to solar power, a fantastic step towards a more sustainable future for our business. But the benefits go far beyond reducing our environmental footprint.

Here’s why we’re excited about this change: 
  • Slashing Electricity Bills: This is a big one! Solar panels generate clean electricity during daylight hours, which means we’ll be relying less on the grid and those ever-increasing electricity bills. It’s like having our own mini power plant right on the roof, pumping out free energy to keep our business humming. 
  • Powering Through the Night: While the sun might not be shining 24/7, the benefits of solar don’t have to stop after sunset. By adding a battery storage system, we can capture excess solar energy during the day and use it to power our operations in the evenings and overnight. This keeps us independent and ensures a smooth flow of electricity, no matter the time of day. 
  • Fueling the Future: Speaking of independence, our solar panels can also be linked to electric car charging points! This not only allows employees and visitors with electric vehicles to conveniently charge up at the office, but it also translates to significant cost savings on charging compared to traditional methods. It’s a win-win for everyone – a greener commute for some and reduced reliance on fossil fuels for all. 

Overall, installing solar panels is an investment in a greener and more cost-effective future. We’re excited to share more about our journey towards net zero in future posts!  

If you’re interested in learning more about solar power for your business, you can contact Green World UK on 01244 956 975 or visit their website: 

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